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    • South Africa stands as a witness to the power of social movements to creatively engage with an unjust world. Students in the Viterbo University mission seminar Rhythm and Resistance in South Africa have been exploring "sites" of social protest and...
    • Aubrey E. Aspen; Ashley Breu; Marne B. Boehm; Theo Braman; Calista I. Holman; Sela R. Schroeder; Makala A. Teske
    • Site Seeing: A Virtual Tour of Social Protest in South Africa

    • 2018-04-26
    • Neuroticism is characterized by anxiety, fear, and worry. Neuroticism has been associated with passive coping styles (Afsharet al., 2015). Conscientiousness is characterized by being thorough, careful, and vigilant. Those who score high in...
    • Sydnie K. Baetz; Montgomery T. Christopherson; Heather A. Johnson; Andrea K. Oyloe; Allison M. Purvis;
    • Association Between Personality Traits, Academic Stress, And Coping Styles

    • 2016-04-22
    • Metal ion homeostasis is a critical component of all cellular life. Metals act as cofactors for many essential enzymes; yet, in excess, metals can cause oxidative stress and cell death. In order to further understand metal ion homeostasis,...
    • Matthew A. Baertlein; Erin E. Isaacson; William R. Jeffries; Kaila M. Schoenberger; Cullen R. Vos;
    • Characterization of Mn(II) Homeostasis Within Bacillus subtilis

    • 2016-04-22
    • Organic chemistry students looked at dyes that would have colorfast properties. Colorfast means that color does not fade or wash out when applied. Azodyes were first used in previous years and had sufficient color, but did not show colorfast...
    • Kyle J. Ernzen; Mariah L. Johnson; Brooke A. Johnston; Kylie R. Reising; Olivia R. Rossi
    • Inkodye: The Power of a Photosensitive Dye

    • 2014-02-22
    • Why do some relationships last while others abate? Many researchers have credited this success to motivation. Intrinsic motivation (emphasis on internal rewards) is mainly associated with stronger relationships. (Cerasoli, Nicklin & Ford, 2014)....
    • Nicole L. Neuverth; Hollyann M. Niemiec; Alyssa R. Sherwood; Shawn T. Skogen; Carly A. Vig
    • Let's Make It Work: Intrinsic Motivation and its Effect on Approach Motivation

    • 2016-04-22
    • Trait mindfulness is the ability to purposely attend to the present moment without judgment (Vinci et al., 2016). State mindfulness is a nonjudgmental assessment of momentary thoughts, emotions, and perceptions (Froeligeret al., 2012). Individuals...
    • Alexis R. Bird; Francis M. Bermudez; Stacy L. Bracht; Morgann McCarthy
    • Mindfulness and Peer Susceptibility in College Students

    • 2017-04-26
    • The widespread use of social networking sites provide individuals ample opportunity for social comparison ( Vogel 2014). Most studies have focused on how media exposure affects self-esteem and self objectification in females. Our goal for this...
    • Lindsay L. Almberg; Lauren R. Davis; Megan R. Hollowitch; Kayla M. Ryba
    • How Social Media Profile Pictures Affect Self-Esteem and Self-Objectification

    • 2017-04-26
    • We were interested in how people make ethical decisions. The purpose of this study is to investigate how people respond to moral dilemmas when a specific emotion is stimulated. People tend to respond in a deontological or utilitarian manner. ...
    • Aaron L. Cicchese; Emily K. Erickson; Maria G. Michels;
    • What Would You Do? The Effects Of Emotions On Moral Decision-Making

    • 2016-04-22
    • Psychological skills training (PST) is ""the systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological skills for the purpose of enhancing performance, increasing enjoyment, or achieving greater sport and physical activity...
    • Sam J. Hadley; Britney L. Hattamer; Chris M. Suilmann
    • Using PST To Regulate Arousal In The Absence Of Chewing Tobacco

    • 2016-04-22
    • Religious characteristics are strong predictors of attitudes toward abortion (Lindsey et al., 2013). The effect that religion has on involvement in politics is tied closely to one's religious beliefs (Driskell et al., 2008). People's religious...
    • Jennifer Guzman; Ashley M. Kast; Cody M. Moore; Tessa A. Solberg
    • Potential Influences of Religious Priming on Political Involvement and Views

    • 2017-04-26
    • Test anxiety is experienced by most college students and it is beneficial for both students and professors to know how to manage it. Prior research has explored how different types of individuals react to humorous events before taking an exam....
    • Troy S. Harris; Morgan L. Spaeth; Forest M.R. Yates;
    • The Use of Exercise and Humor to Reduce Test Anxiety in College Students

    • 2018-04-26
    • This presentation discusses why it is imperative that nursing students are exposed to rural health nursing experiences during their academic career. Many rural health facilities are facing nursing shortages and are finding it hard to attract and...
    • Hunter D. Barry; Ashley R. Bohn; Haley R. Polin
    • Importance of Rural Health Nursing Exposure

    • 2018-11-09


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