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    • Viterbo University seeks to instill in its graduates 5 core Franciscan values: Contemplation, Hospitality, Integrity, Stewardship, and Service. How can Viterbo and its graduates be sure that they are learning and living these values? This project...
    • Shannon M. Foss
    • Creating Survey Instruments of Institutional Core Values

    • 2012-11-09
    • This paper proposed an adapted and updated theory regarding the construct of human values. While foundational theories and past research was reviewed, this study sought to validate two components of the newly adapted theory. Under investigation...
    • Kathleen A. Herling
    • Re-Examining the Values Construct

    • 2018-12
    • Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is a phase-contrast MRI based technique that allows quantitative, noninvasive assessment of the mechanical properties of tissues by the introduction of shear waves into the body and measurement of the resulting...
    • Rehman S. Eon; Khang Huynh; David Lake; Armando Manduca
    • A Laplacian-Based SNR Measure: Shear Stiffness Estimation in MR Elastography

    • 2015-04-24
    • The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of active learning strategies on classroom engagement and science achievement for high school honors students. The participants in this study were nineteen juniors and seniors enrolled in a...
    • Tamara J. Smith
    • Effects of Active Learning Strategies on Science Achievement

    • 2013-07
    • Girl Scouts promotes values similar to those of a servant leader. Does the promotion of these values on youth have an effect on the leadership style as an adult? The study surveyed 294 women who had earned their Gold Award from 1980-2004. The...
    • Sheryl M. Barker
    • Do Girl Scouts Become Servant Leaders?

    • 2014-12
    • The generational grouping of individuals in the world is characterized by major event happenings during their early years. The Baby Boomers are characterized by World War II, the Generation X is the generation that puts more emphasis on family...
    • Rodney M. Mulera
    • Millennials and Work: Values, Relations and Attitude

    • 2015-04
    • In medical ultrasound, sound waves are transmitted within tissue and the amplitude of the resulting echo signal is processed to generate an image. This project focuses on extracting the frequency content of the echo signal, called backscatter, and...
    • Breanna P. Swan
    • Estimating Tissue Particle Sizes Using Ultrasound

    • 2011-11-11
    • In August 1862, the Minnesota River Valley was on the western edge of American progress, populated largely by newly immigrated families from Europe and westward advancing Americans in small clusters of communities and the Dakota peoples. In the...
    • Tadd M. Heichel
    • Question of Justice: The Dakota Uprising of Minnesota

    • 2012-11-09
    • Surface waters contaminated by historical metal mining practices typically have low pH values and high metal concentrations, which may be toxic to aquatic organisms. In this study, we investigated environmental factors that affect the release of...
    • William R. Jeffries
    • Environmental Metal Releasing Factors from Contaminated Sediments

    • 2015-11-06
    • In this case study on Kaplan University, we take a look at the innovative culture of the higher education provider and the challenges faced in the past two years under the spotlight of government scrutiny. As the Government Accountability Office...
    • Kari A. Christenson; Matthew T. Hipp; Michael W. Jones
    • Building Futures One Success Story At A Time: The Kaplan Way

    • 2013-05
    • What happens when common beliefs of a nation are based upon heinous and misleading values? While nationalism can be a positive force, it can also lead to isolationism and xenophobia. On May 13, 1939, the S.S. St. Louis departed Germany with 937...
    • Julie A. Brownell
    • Nationalism and the S.S. St. Louis

    • 2016-04-22
    • A healthy river ecosystem has vital ecological and economic benefits. One indication of a river system's water quality is the amount of chlorophyll a present in the water. The amount of chlorophyll a in the Mississippi River water is routinely...
    • Derek L. Craig
    • Breakdown of Chlorophyll a in Flurorometric Analysis

    • 2016-04-22
    • The flexible packaging industry concerns itself with quality assurance in all aspects of the printing process. One of the major concerns is potential migration or diffusion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the product, which may occur if...
    • Hailey Q. Koch
    • Investigation of High Retained Solvents Within Flexible Packaging

    • 2016-04-22
    • Servant leadership as first defined by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970s is a concept and practice that has grown in popularity in recent decades. The foundation of the term evolved from the model of Jesus's actions and leadership style within...
    • Elizabeth A. Elvekrog
    • Growing and Maintaining A Servant Led Culture

    • 2016-12


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