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    • This qualitative case study examines the influence of servant leadership qualities in dance education. Authoritarian pedagogical practices are pervasive in dance education. A severe lack of teacher training programs is stated as one reason for...
    • Nikki M. Balsamo
    • Influence of Servant Leadership Qualities in Dance Education

    • 2015-05
    • The purpose of this study is to determine the barrier which is halting the WIC participants from coming in for appointments to reload their benefits. The next step of the study was to find out why they aren't spending their benefits once they get...
    • Emma J. Conway; Brittany M. Remold; Kelly Stefferud; Jennifer Miller
    • Why are WIC Participants Not Using Their Benefits?

    • 2017-04-23
    • As schools continue to look for different ways to meet the needs of at-risk middle school students, many different types of mentoring programs have emerged to work with these students. Some schools have tried one type of mentoring program that...
    • Joseph J. Schmidt
    • The Effects of Peer Mentoring on Student Attitude and Behavior

    • 2013-07
    • Immigration downside vs. benefits to communities: A case study Linda Landry*, Maribel Bird Viterbo University One of the main charges against welcoming immigrants to communities in many cities in the US includes the alleged depletion of resources...
    • Linda C. Laundry
    • Immigrant's downside vs. benefits to communities: A case study

    • 2012-11-09
    • This quantitative study addresses the importance of utilizing safe patient handling for radiation therapists. The purpose of this study is to determine if the rate of injury to radiation therapists is similar to other healthcare professions,...
    • Tara L. Klum
    • Utilizing Safe Patient Handling For Radiation Therapists

    • 2016-04
    • The purpose of this study was to explore if there was a relationship between job satisfaction and the retention of nurses within a hospital setting in Southwestern Wisconsin. Studies had found that some of the leading causes of nurses leaving their...
    • Jami S. Kohl
    • Job Satisfaction and the Retention of Nurses in a Hospital Setting

    • 2015-12
    • The American Disability Act (ADA) protects disabled individuals against discrimination when seeking employment (U.S. Department of Justice Civil Right Division Disability Right Section 2009). However, unemployment rates amongst people with...
    • Pierrot M. Mpemwangi
    • People with Disabilities and the Workforce

    • 2015-04
    • During prenatal care it is not uncommon for women to be referred to educational classes or instructive classes, such as Lamaze, Managing your Labor, or Essentials of Breastfeeding. A class to teach mindfulness based techniques and process this...
    • Tiffany C. Johnson
    • Pregnancy and Mindfulness: Evaluating Care Options

    • 2017-05
    • School nurses have a valuable place within the school system. Their responsibilities are to keep students, staff, and visitors well and safe. A review of literature was conducted to indicate the importance of having a nurse in the school, as...
    • Jessica A. Sims
    • School Nurse's Role: Exploring Benefits

    • 2017-04-26
    • The link between the intake of nuts and health have been studied with epidemiological and interventional studies showing a link to reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes while promoting healthy body weights. Consuming nuts for...
    • Haley J. Petges
    • Pistachios Consumption Related to Insulin Sensitivity

    • 2017-04-26
    • Providing quality healthcare services to the remote areas of the United States has been a challenge for healthcare agencies. Telemedicine has opened the door to reaching individuals residing in rural areas in need of specialty medical services. The...
    • Cynthia M. Delphey
    • Barriers to Telemedicine for Rural Healthcare Clinics

    • 2012-12
    • The majority of studies describe mentoring effects within the business environment. Currently, there is a gap in the literature addressing mentoring among healthcare professionals. This study attempts to address this gap by analyzing questionnaire...
    • Lynne A. Dosch
    • Mentoring in Healthcare

    • 2013-05


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