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    • Twenty-three million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. Only one in 10 of them (2.6 million) receives the treatment they need (""New Data Show Millions of Americans with Alcohol and Drug Addiction Could Benefit from...
    • Natalie R. Semrad
    • Exploring Relationship Maps Within The Substance Abuse Population

    • 2016-11-11
    • This study is a qualitative analysis of five representative speeches by President Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and President Barack Obama, which examines the use of the rhetoric of hope and spirituality in public discourse. It...
    • Debra J. Mulrain
    • The Role of Hope and Spirituality in Public Servant Leadership

    • 2013-12
    • This action research pr:oject examined factors that may affbct substance use among Asian Americans. Factor consiclered were gender, acculturation, English proficiency, age of irnrnigration, and unique cultural f-actors in association with substance...
    • Jingtong Wang
    • Examining Substance Use Related Factors Among Asian Americans

    • 2015-05
    • Numerous studies have examined the public's attitudes toward the police. While many studies show overall satisfaction with policing, there are demographic differences in overall favorability. These differences could be due to past personal...
    • Sarah M. Gibson
    • Student Perceptions Of Police Brutality

    • 2016-04-22
    • One-room schools are an important part of American educational history. They hold a nostalgic place in the hearts and psyches of many Americans. This research documents the current status of one-room schools and illustrates their place in history....
    • Rachel E. Hoscheit
    • Legacy of the One-room School

    • 2012-11-09
    • In August 1862, the Minnesota River Valley was on the western edge of American progress, populated largely by newly immigrated families from Europe and westward advancing Americans in small clusters of communities and the Dakota peoples. In the...
    • Tadd M. Heichel
    • Question of Justice: The Dakota Uprising of Minnesota

    • 2012-11-09
    • Fast food restaurants are often scrutinized because of the industry's perceived unhealthy products. This scrutiny over unhealthy fast food products is usually deserved, but what appeals to American's taste buds is not always healthy. Because of the...
    • Gage M. Maurer
    • Taxing America Thin: An Assault on the Fast Food Industry

    • 2013-08-11
    • Social media sites have undoubtedly changed the way Americans socialize and share information; however, it has also opened a new frontier for gathering personal information. Currently, the United States has roughly 170 million social network users....
    • Gage M. Maurer
    • From the Chat Room to the Court Room: Social Media Admissibility

    • 2014-11-14
    • Substance use disorders are multifaceted issues that are problematic and costly (Doweiko, 2009). A growing body of literature on risk and protective factors (Hawkins, Catalano, & Miller, 1992) and resilience suggest that a number of factors can...
    • Natalie R. Semrad
    • Recovery and Co-Occurring Disorders

    • 2015-11-06
    • Americans consume, on average, 125 pounds of artificial sweeteners (UPMC, 2016), and according to (2005), which cites the United States Department of Agriculture, 156 pounds of sucrose (table sugar), annually. Sugar is an addictive...
    • Desirae A. Schuh
    • Addictiveness of Natural Sugar vs. Artificial Sweetener

    • 2016-11-11
    • Cardiovascular disease is currently the number one cause of death in the United States. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75 million Americans have high blood pressure and it costs our nation $46 billion each year....
    • Patricia Esparza; Hannah L. Reedy;
    • 8-Week Dietary Intervention of the DASH Diet on Cardiometabolic Factors

    • 2017-11-10
    • My creative writing project, Port Aux Basques, is about using song-writing forms to create a poetry collection. It serves to break the divide between poetry and songs, as poets currently consider songs to be outside of the poetry realm. I grew...
    • Payton A. Gosse
    • Port Aux Basques

    • 2018-04-26
    • This research project explores current experiences of discrimination and oppression within African American communities. By using Michelle Alexander's, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness as a foundation, I examine the...
    • Jaz M. Ginter
    • Unveiling the Effects of Discrimination

    • 2018-11-09


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